Two integer sequences related to Catalan numbers

JuliaMath/Combinatorics.jl 21 Sep 2010

We prove the following conjecture of Zeilberger.


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JuMP: A Modeling Language for Mathematical Optimization

mlubin/JuMPSupplement 9 Aug 2015

JuMP is an open-source modeling language that allows users to express a wide range of optimization problems (linear, mixed-integer, quadratic, conic-quadratic, semidefinite, and nonlinear) in a high-level, algebraic syntax.

Optimization and Control Mathematical Software

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Optimization-Based Autonomous Racing of 1:43 Scale RC Cars

alexliniger/MPCC 20 Nov 2017

This paper describes autonomous racing of RC race cars based on mathematical optimization.

Optimization and Control Robotics Systems and Control

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Gromov-Wasserstein Distances between Gaussian Distributions

MaximeVandegar/Papers-in-100-Lines-of-Code 16 Apr 2021

We also study the problem without restriction on the optimal plan, and provide lower and upper bounds for the value of the Gromov-Wasserstein distance between Gaussian distributions.


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Lifted contact dynamics for efficient direct optimal control of rigid body systems with contacts

mayataka/idocp 3 Aug 2021

As a result, the computational cost per Newton-type iteration is almost identical to that of the conventional non-lifted Newton-type iteration that embeds contact dynamics in the state equation.

Optimization and Control Robotics

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Convex optimization

cvxgrp/cvxpylayers 3 Jun 2021

First of all, the authors focused on the program of a two-semester course of lectures on convex optimization, which is given to students of MIPT.

Optimization and Control Numerical Analysis Numerical Analysis 65-01, 90-01, 65K05, 90C30, 90C90 G.1.6

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Universal Average-Case Optimality of Polyak Momentum

d2l-ai/d2l-en 19 Aug 2020

Polyak momentum (PM), also known as the heavy-ball method, is a widely used optimization method that enjoys an asymptotic optimal worst-case complexity on quadratic objectives.

Optimization and Control

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A Unifying Modeling Abstraction for Infinite-Dimensional Optimization

pulsipher/InfiniteOpt.jl 23 Jun 2021

In this work, we present a unifying abstraction that facilitates the modeling, analysis, and solution of InfiniteOpt problems.

Optimization and Control Systems and Control Systems and Control

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Disciplined Quasiconvex Programming

cvxgrp/cvxpy 2 May 2019

We present a composition rule involving quasiconvex functions that generalizes the classical composition rule for convex functions.

Optimization and Control Mathematical Software

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Douglas-Rachford splitting and ADMM for nonconvex optimization: Accelerated and Newton-type algorithms

kul-forbes/ProximalAlgorithms.jl 20 May 2020

Although the performance of popular optimization algorithms such as the Douglas-Rachford splitting (DRS) and ADMM is satisfactory in small and well-scaled problems, ill conditioning and problem size pose a severe obstacle to their reliable employment.

Optimization and Control 90C06, 90C25, 90C26, 49J52, 49J53

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