Finite Elements with Switch Detection for Direct Optimal Control of Nonsmooth Systems

nurkanovic/nosnoc 11 May 2022

The efficacy of FESD in demonstrated on several simulation and optimal control examples.

Optimization and Control 34A36, 49M25, 49Q12, 65L99, 49M37

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PySINDy: A Python package for the Sparse Identification of Nonlinear Dynamics from Data

dynamicslab/pysindy 17 Apr 2020

PySINDy is a Python package for the discovery of governing dynamical systems models from data.

Dynamical Systems Computational Physics

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Experience Implementing a Performant Category-Theory Library in Coq

agda/agda-categories 29 Jan 2014

We describe our experience implementing a broad category-theory library in Coq.

Category Theory Logic in Computer Science

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Universal Average-Case Optimality of Polyak Momentum

d2l-ai/d2l-en 19 Aug 2020

Polyak momentum (PM), also known as the heavy-ball method, is a widely used optimization method that enjoys an asymptotic optimal worst-case complexity on quadratic objectives.

Optimization and Control

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Gromov-Wasserstein Distances between Gaussian Distributions

MaximeVandegar/Papers-in-100-Lines-of-Code 16 Apr 2021

We also study the problem without restriction on the optimal plan, and provide lower and upper bounds for the value of the Gromov-Wasserstein distance between Gaussian distributions.


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Structure-Exploiting Newton-Type Method for Optimal Control of Switched Systems

mayataka/idocp 14 Dec 2021

Moreover, a modification on the reduced Hessian matrix is proposed using the nature of the Riccati recursion algorithm as the dynamic programming for a QP subproblem to enhance the convergence.

Optimization and Control Robotics Systems and Control Systems and Control

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Differentiating through Log-Log Convex Programs

cvxgrp/cvxpy 27 Apr 2020

We use the adjoint of the derivative to implement differentiable log-log convex optimization layers in PyTorch and TensorFlow.

Optimization and Control

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Fast computation of Gauss quadrature nodes and weights on the whole real line

JuliaApproximation/FastGaussQuadrature.jl 20 Oct 2014

The algorithm is based on Newton's method with carefully selected initial guesses for the nodes and a fast evaluation scheme for the associated orthogonal polynomial.

Numerical Analysis

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acados: a modular open-source framework for fast embedded optimal control

acados/acados 30 Oct 2019

The acados software package is a collection of solvers for fast embedded optimization, intended for fast embedded applications.

Optimization and Control

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Convex Optimization for Trajectory Generation

dmalyuta/scp_traj_opt 16 Jun 2021

Reliable and efficient trajectory generation methods are a fundamental need for autonomous dynamical systems of tomorrow.

Optimization and Control Robotics Systems and Control Systems and Control

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