A type theory for synthetic $\infty$-categories

rzk-lang/rzk 21 May 2017

To make the bookkeeping in such proofs manageable, we use a three-layered type theory with shapes, whose contexts are extended by polytopes within directed cubes, which can be abstracted over using "extension types" that generalize the path-types of cubical type theory.

Category Theory Logic 03G30, 18G55, 55U40

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Implementing Hadamard Matrices in SageMath

sagemath/sage 29 Jun 2023

The Hadamard conjecture states that Hadamard matrices of order $n$ exist whenever $n$ is $1$, $2$, or a multiple of $4$.


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Estimation of the lead-lag parameter from non-synchronous data

philipperemy/lead-lag 20 Mar 2013

A two-dimensional process $(X_t, Y_t)$ reproduces a lead-lag effect if, for some time shift $\vartheta\in \mathbb{R}$, the process $(X_t, Y_{t+\vartheta})$ is a semi-martingale with respect to a certain filtration.

Statistics Theory Statistics Theory

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Kangaroo Methods for Solving the Interval Discrete Logarithm Problem

jeanlucpons/kangaroo 28 Jan 2015

In this thesis, I improve the running time of methods that use more than four kangaroos significantly, and almost beat the fastest kangaroo algorithm, by presenting a seven kangaroo method with an expected average running time of $\big(1. 7195 + o(1)\big)\sqrt{N} \pm O(1)$ group operations.

Number Theory Data Structures and Algorithms

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Data-Driven Learning of Reduced-order Dynamics for a Parametrized Shallow Water Equation

Willcox-Research-Group/rom-operator-inference-Python3 28 Jul 2020

This paper discusses a non-intrusive data-driven model order reduction method that learns low-dimensional dynamical models for a parametrized shallow water equation.

Numerical Analysis Numerical Analysis

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Optimization-Based Autonomous Racing of 1:43 Scale RC Cars

alexliniger/MPCC 20 Nov 2017

This paper describes autonomous racing of RC race cars based on mathematical optimization.

Optimization and Control Robotics Systems and Control

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Alpaqa: A matrix-free solver for nonlinear MPC and large-scale nonconvex optimization

kul-optec/alpaqa 4 Dec 2021

This paper presents alpaqa, an open-source C++ implementation of an augmented Lagrangian method for nonconvex constrained numerical optimization, using the first-order PANOC algorithm as inner solver.

Optimization and Control Systems and Control Systems and Control 65K05, 49M37, 90C30

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Multirate Partitioned Runge-Kutta Methods for Coupled Navier-Stokes Equations

caidao22/pnode 24 Feb 2022

Earth system models are complex integrated models of atmosphere, ocean, sea ice, and land surface.

Numerical Analysis Numerical Analysis Computational Physics Fluid Dynamics 76N06, 65M08, 65L04

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Finding structure with randomness: Probabilistic algorithms for constructing approximate matrix decompositions

maxhalford/prince 22 Sep 2009

These methods use random sampling to identify a subspace that captures most of the action of a matrix.

Numerical Analysis Probability

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Universal Average-Case Optimality of Polyak Momentum

d2l-ai/d2l-en 19 Aug 2020

Polyak momentum (PM), also known as the heavy-ball method, is a widely used optimization method that enjoys an asymptotic optimal worst-case complexity on quadratic objectives.

Optimization and Control

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