TRIPs-Py: Techniques for Regularization of Inverse Problems in Python

trips-py/trips-py 27 Feb 2024

In this paper, we describe TRIPs-Py, a new Python package of linear discrete inverse problems solvers and test problems.

Numerical Analysis Numerical Analysis

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Implementing Hadamard Matrices in SageMath

sagemath/sage 29 Jun 2023

The Hadamard conjecture states that Hadamard matrices of order $n$ exist whenever $n$ is $1$, $2$, or a multiple of $4$.


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Meta-learners for Estimating Heterogeneous Treatment Effects using Machine Learning

uber/causalml 12 Jun 2017

There is growing interest in estimating and analyzing heterogeneous treatment effects in experimental and observational studies.

Statistics Theory Methodology Statistics Theory

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PySINDy: A Python package for the Sparse Identification of Nonlinear Dynamics from Data

dynamicslab/pysindy 17 Apr 2020

PySINDy is a Python package for the discovery of governing dynamical systems models from data.

Dynamical Systems Computational Physics

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Universal Average-Case Optimality of Polyak Momentum

d2l-ai/d2l-en 19 Aug 2020

Polyak momentum (PM), also known as the heavy-ball method, is a widely used optimization method that enjoys an asymptotic optimal worst-case complexity on quadratic objectives.

Optimization and Control

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Sequential construction and dimension reduction of Gaussian processes under constraints

anfelopera/lineqGPR 9 Sep 2020

We prove the convergence of this algorithm.

Statistics Theory Statistics Theory

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Introducing the quadratically-constrained quadratic programming framework in HPIPM

giaf/hpipm 22 Dec 2021

This paper introduces the quadratically-constrained quadratic programming (QCQP) framework recently added in HPIPM alongside the original quadratic-programming (QP) framework.

Optimization and Control Systems and Control Systems and Control

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OpEn: Code Generation for Embedded Nonconvex Optimization

alphaville/optimization-engine 29 Feb 2020

We present Optimization Engine (OpEn): an open-source code generation tool for real-time embedded nonconvex optimization, which implements a novel numerical method.

Optimization and Control Numerical Analysis Numerical Analysis

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Fast & Accurate Randomized Algorithms for Linear Systems and Eigenvalue Problems

mitmath/18335 29 Oct 2021

This paper develops a new class of algorithms for general linear systems and eigenvalue problems.

Numerical Analysis Numerical Analysis 65F10, 65F15, 65F25

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The Power Grid Library for Benchmarking AC Optimal Power Flow Algorithms

power-grid-lib/pglib-opf 7 Aug 2019

Consequently, benchmarking studies using the seminal AC Optimal Power Flow (AC-OPF) problem have emerged as the primary method for evaluating these emerging methods.

Optimization and Control

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