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Placement and Implementation of Grid-Forming and Grid-Following Virtual Inertia and Fast Frequency Response

bpoolla/Australian10gen-lowinertia 5 Jul 2018

In this work, explicit models of grid-following and grid-forming virtual inertia (VI) devices are developed for inertia emulation in low-inertia systems.

Optimization and Control

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Implementing Hadamard Matrices in SageMath

sagemath/sage 29 Jun 2023

The Hadamard conjecture states that Hadamard matrices of order $n$ exist whenever $n$ is $1$, $2$, or a multiple of $4$.


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Finding structure with randomness: Probabilistic algorithms for constructing approximate matrix decompositions

maxhalford/prince 22 Sep 2009

These methods use random sampling to identify a subspace that captures most of the action of a matrix.

Numerical Analysis Probability

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A purely hyperbolic discontinuous Galerkin approach for self-gravitating gas dynamics

trixi-framework/Trixi.jl 24 Aug 2020

One of the challenges when simulating astrophysical flows with self-gravity is to compute the gravitational forces.

Numerical Analysis Numerical Analysis Computational Physics

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Tractable Evaluation of Stein's Unbiased Risk Estimate with Convex Regularizers

cvxgrp/sure-cr 11 Nov 2022

Stein's unbiased risk estimate (SURE) gives an unbiased estimate of the $\ell_2$ risk of any estimator of the mean of a Gaussian random vector.

Statistics Theory Optimization and Control Computation Statistics Theory

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Sequential sum-of-squares programming for analysis of nonlinear systems

tcunis/bisosprob 5 Oct 2022

Numerous interesting properties in nonlinear systems analysis can be written as polynomial optimization problems with nonconvex sum-of-squares problems.

Optimization and Control Systems and Control Systems and Control

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Waterproof: Educational Software for Learning How to Write Mathematical Proofs

impermeable/waterproof 24 Nov 2022

Students started using the specific formulations of proof steps from the custom proof language in their handwritten proofs; the explicit phrasing of these sentences helped to clarify the logical structure of their arguments.

History and Overview

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Structured Decompositions: Structural and Algorithmic Compositionality

algebraicjulia/structureddecompositions.jl 13 Jul 2022

We introduce structured decompositions: category-theoretic generalizations of many combinatorial invariants -- including tree-width, layered tree-width, co-tree-width and graph decomposition width -- which have played a central role in the study of structural and algorithmic compositionality in both graph theory and parameterized complexity.

Category Theory Data Structures and Algorithms Combinatorics 18B10, 05C75 (Primary) 68W40 (Secondary) F.2.m; G.0

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System Level Synthesis

shaoruchen/polytopic-slsmpc 2 Apr 2019

We show how SLS shifts the controller synthesis task from the design of a controller to the design of the entire closed loop system, and highlight the benefits of this approach in terms of scalability and transparency.

Optimization and Control Systems and Control

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Controlled Synchronization of Coupled Pendulums by Koopman Model Predictive Control

aa4cc/koompanmpc-for-synchronization 28 Dec 2022

We propose and experimentally demonstrate a feedback control method that allows synchronizing the motion of a chain of several coupled nonlinear oscillators actuated through one end of the chain.

Optimization and Control Dynamical Systems

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