Genus $0$ Modular curves of prime power level with a point defined over number fields other than $\Q$

Rakvi6893/Genus-0-modular-curves-over-higher-number-fields 4 Aug 2022

Associated to an open subgroup $G$ of $\GL_2(\Zhat)$ satisfying conditions $-I \in G$ and $\det(G) \subsetneq (\Zhat)^{\times}$ there is a modular curve $X_G$ which is a smooth compact curve defined over an extension of $\Q.$ In this article, we give a complete list of all such prime power level genus $0$ modular curves with a point.

Number Theory

04 Aug 2022

Streaming Tensor Train Approximation

RikVoorhaar/tt-sketch 4 Aug 2022

STTA accesses $\mathcal T$ exclusively via two-sided random sketches of the original data, making it streamable and easy to implement in parallel -- unlike existing deterministic and randomized tensor train approximations.

Numerical Analysis Numerical Analysis

04 Aug 2022

Block Discrete Empirical Interpolation Methods

perfectyayra/block-discrete-empirical-interpolation-methods 3 Aug 2022

We present two block variants of the discrete empirical interpolation method (DEIM); as a particular application, we will consider a CUR factorization.

Numerical Analysis Numerical Analysis

03 Aug 2022

An adaptive consensus based method for multi-objective optimization with uniform Pareto front approximation

borghig/am-cbo 2 Aug 2022

In this work we are interested in stochastic particle methods for multi-objective optimization.

Optimization and Control 35Q70, 35Q84, 35Q93, 90C29, 90C56

02 Aug 2022

Metric Dimension of a Diagonal Family of Generalized Hamming Graphs

fostergreenwood/metric-dimension 2 Aug 2022

Classical Hamming graphs are Cartesian products of complete graphs, and two vertices are adjacent if they differ in exactly one coordinate.

Combinatorics 05C69 (Primary) 05C12, 05B30, 05C15 (Secondary)

02 Aug 2022

Implicit bulk-surface filtering method for node-based shape optimization and comparison of explicit and implicit filtering techniques

kratosmultiphysics/kratos 1 Aug 2022

This work studies shape filtering techniques, namely the convolution-based (explicit) and the PDE-based (implicit), and introduces an implicit bulk-surface filtering method to control the boundary smoothness and preserve the internal mesh quality simultaneously in the course of bulk (solid) shape optimization.

Numerical Analysis Numerical Analysis Optimization and Control

01 Aug 2022

Data-driven solutions of ill-posed inverse problems arising from doping reconstruction in semiconductors

spiani/dopingreconstructionml 1 Aug 2022

We model a general class of such photovoltaic technologies by ill-posed global and local inverse problems based on a drift-diffusion system which describes charge transport in a self-consistent electrical field.

Numerical Analysis Numerical Analysis 68T07, 65N21, 35Q81

01 Aug 2022

Confidence regions for the location of peaks of a smooth random field

sjdavenport/peakcrs 30 Jul 2022

Local maxima of random processes are useful for finding important regions and are routinely used, for summarising features of interest (e. g. in neuroimaging).

Statistics Theory Statistics Theory

30 Jul 2022

Rational Noncrossing Coxeter-Catalan Combinatorics

nathanfwilliams/rational-noncrossing-catalan-combinatorics 30 Jul 2022

We solve two open problems in Coxeter-Catalan combinatorics.

Combinatorics Representation Theory Primary: 05A15. Secondary: 05E05, 05E10, 20C08

30 Jul 2022

On the Maximum Gonality of a Curve over a Finite Field

RationalPoint/excessive 28 Jul 2022

In general, the gonality of a curve of genus $g \ge 2$ is at most $2g - 2$.

Algebraic Geometry Number Theory

28 Jul 2022