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FATROP : A Fast Constrained Optimal Control Problem Solver for Robot Trajectory Optimization and Control

meco-group/fatrop 29 Mar 2023

Trajectory optimization is a powerful tool for robot motion planning and control.

Optimization and Control Robotics

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Optimization-Based Autonomous Racing of 1:43 Scale RC Cars

alexliniger/MPCC 20 Nov 2017

This paper describes autonomous racing of RC race cars based on mathematical optimization.

Optimization and Control Robotics Systems and Control

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PowerModels.jl: An Open-Source Framework for Exploring Power Flow Formulations

lanl-ansi/PowerModels.jl 6 Nov 2017

This work provides a brief introduction to the design of PowerModels, validates its implementation, and demonstrates its effectiveness with a proof-of-concept study analyzing five different formulations of the Optimal Power Flow problem.

Optimization and Control Computational Engineering, Finance, and Science

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Advanced-Step Real-time Iterations with Four Levels -- New Error Bounds and Fast Implementation in acados

iit-dlslab/quadruped-pympc 11 Mar 2024

The Real-Time Iteration (RTI) is an online nonlinear model predictive control algorithm that performs a single Sequential Quadratic Programming (SQP) per sampling time.

Optimization and Control

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Introducing the quadratically-constrained quadratic programming framework in HPIPM

giaf/hpipm 22 Dec 2021

This paper introduces the quadratically-constrained quadratic programming (QCQP) framework recently added in HPIPM alongside the original quadratic-programming (QP) framework.

Optimization and Control Systems and Control Systems and Control

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Transducing paths in graph classes with unbounded shrubdepth

sail-sg/inceptionnext 31 Mar 2022

Transductions are a general formalism for expressing transformations of graphs (and more generally, of relational structures) in logic.

Combinatorics Discrete Mathematics Logic in Computer Science Logic

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Kangaroo Methods for Solving the Interval Discrete Logarithm Problem

jeanlucpons/kangaroo 28 Jan 2015

In this thesis, I improve the running time of methods that use more than four kangaroos significantly, and almost beat the fastest kangaroo algorithm, by presenting a seven kangaroo method with an expected average running time of $\big(1. 7195 + o(1)\big)\sqrt{N} \pm O(1)$ group operations.

Number Theory Data Structures and Algorithms

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NonlinearSolve.jl: High-Performance and Robust Solvers for Systems of Nonlinear Equations in Julia

SciML/NonlinearSolve.jl 25 Mar 2024

Efficiently solving nonlinear equations underpins numerous scientific and engineering disciplines, yet scaling these solutions for complex system models remains a challenge.

Numerical Analysis Numerical Analysis

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Super-Acceleration with Cyclical Step-sizes

google/jaxopt NeurIPS 2021

We develop a convergence-rate analysis of momentum with cyclical step-sizes.

Optimization and Control

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Differentiating Through a Cone Program

cvxgrp/diffcp 19 Apr 2019

These correspond to computing an approximate new solution, given a perturbation to the cone program coefficients (i. e., perturbation analysis), and to computing the gradient of a function of the solution with respect to the coefficients.

Optimization and Control

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