Upper tails for arithmetic progressions in a random set

15 Feb 2018  ·  Bhattacharya Bhaswar B., Ganguly Shirshendu, Shao Xuancheng, Zhao Yufei ·

Let $X_k$ denote the number of $k$-term arithmetic progressions in a random subset of $\mathbb{Z}/N\mathbb{Z}$ or $\{1, \dots, N\}$ where every element is included independently with probability $p$. We determine the asymptotics of $\log \mathbb{P}(X_k \ge (1+\delta) \mathbb{E} X_k)$ (also known as the large deviation rate) where $p \to 0$ with $p \ge N^{-c_k}$ for some constant $c_k > 0$, which answers a question of Chatterjee and Dembo... The proofs rely on the recent nonlinear large deviation principle of Eldan, which improved on earlier results of Chatterjee and Dembo. Our results complement those of Warnke, who used completely different methods to estimate, for the full range of $p$, the large deviation rate up to a constant factor. read more

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Probability Combinatorics Number Theory