The Power Grid Library for Benchmarking AC Optimal Power Flow Algorithms

7 Aug 2019  ·  Sogol Babaeinejadsarookolaee, Adam Birchfield, Richard D. Christie, Carleton Coffrin, Christopher DeMarco, Ruisheng Diao, Michael Ferris, Stephane Fliscounakis, Scott Greene, Renke Huang, Cedric Josz, Roman Korab, Bernard Lesieutre, Jean Maeght, Terrence W. K. Mak, Daniel K. Molzahn, Thomas J. Overbye, Patrick Panciatici, Byungkwon Park, Jonathan Snodgrass, Ahmad Tbaileh, Pascal Van Hentenryck, Ray Zimmerman ·

In recent years, the power systems research community has seen an explosion of novel methods for formulating the AC power flow equations. Consequently, benchmarking studies using the seminal AC Optimal Power Flow (AC-OPF) problem have emerged as the primary method for evaluating these emerging methods. However, it is often difficult to directly compare these studies due to subtle differences in the AC-OPF problem formulation as well as the network, generation, and loading data that are used for evaluation. To help address these challenges, this IEEE PES Task Force report proposes a standardized AC-OPF mathematical formulation and the PGLib-OPF networks for benchmarking AC-OPF algorithms. A motivating study demonstrates some limitations of the established network datasets in the context of benchmarking AC-OPF algorithms and a validation study demonstrates the efficacy of using the PGLib-OPF networks for this purpose. In the interest of scientific discourse and future additions, the PGLib-OPF benchmark library is open-access and all the of network data is provided under a creative commons license.

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