The number of configurations in the full shift with a given least period

18 Feb 2021  ·  Alonso Castillo-Ramirez, Miguel Sánchez-Álvarez ·

For any group $G$ and any set $A$, consider the shift action of $G$ on the full shift $A^G$. A configuration $x \in A^G$ has \emph{least period} $H \leq G$ if the stabiliser of $x$ is precisely $H$... Among other things, the number of such configurations is interesting as it provides an upper bound for the size of the corresponding $\text{Aut}(A^G)$-orbit. In this paper we show that if $G$ is finitely generated and $H$ is of finite index, then the number of configurations in $A^G$ with least period $H$ may be computed using the M\"obius function of the lattice of subgroups of finite index in $G$. Moreover, when $H$ is a normal subgroup, we classify all situations such that the number of $G$-orbits with least period $H$ is at most $10$. read more

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Group Theory Combinatorics 37B10, 20D30