The minimum forcing number of perfect matchings in the hypercube

10 Dec 2017  ·  Diwan Ajit A. ·

Let $M$ be a perfect matching in a graph. A subset $S$ of $M$ is said to be a forcing set of $M$, if $M$ is the only perfect matching in the graph that contains $S$... The minimum size of a forcing set of $M$ is called the forcing number of $M$. Pachter and Kim [Discrete Math. 190 (1998) 287--294] conjectured that the forcing number of every perfect matching in the $n$-dimensional hypercube is at least $2^{n-2}$, for all $n \ge 2$. Riddle [Discrete Math. 245 (2002) 283-292] proved this for even $n$. We show that the conjecture holds for all $n \ge 2$. The proof is based on simple linear algebra. read more

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