The INTERNODES method for the treatment of non-conforming multipatch geometries in Isogeometric Analysis

10 Sep 2019  ·  Gervasio Paola, Marini Federico ·

In this paper we apply the INTERNODES method to solve second order elliptic problems discretized by Isogeometric Analysis methods on non-conforming multiple patches in 2D and 3D geometries. INTERNODES is an interpolation-based method that, on each interface of the configuration, exploits two independent interpolation operators to enforce the continuity of the traces and of the normal derivatives... INTERNODES supports non-conformity on NURBS spaces as well as on geometries. We specify how to set up the interpolation matrices on non-conforming interfaces, how to enforce the continuity of the normal derivatives and we give special attention to implementation aspects. The numerical results show that INTERNODES exhibits optimal convergence rate with respect to the mesh size of the NURBS spaces an that it is robust with respect to jumping coefficients. read more

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