Solution to the main problem of the artificial satellite by reverse normalization

30 Jun 2020  ·  Lara Martin ·

The non-linearities of the dynamics of Earth artificial satellites are encapsulated by two formal integrals that are customarily computed by perturbation methods. Standard procedures begin with a Hamiltonian simplification that removes non-essential short-period terms from the Geopotential, and follow with the removal of both short- and long-period terms by means of two different canonical transformations that can be carried out in either order... We depart from the tradition and proceed by standard normalization to show that the Hamiltonian simplification part is dispensable. Decoupling first the motion of the orbital plane from the in-plane motion reveals as a feasible strategy to reach higher orders of the perturbation solution, which, besides, permits an efficient evaluation of the long series that comprise the analytical solution. read more

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Dynamical Systems General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology