Repdigits in Narayana's Cows Sequence and their Consequences

13 Oct 2020  ·  Bravo Jhon J., Das Pranabesh, Guzmán Sergio ·

Narayana's cows sequence satisfies the third-order linear recurrence relation $N_n=N_{n-1}+N_{n-3}$ for $n \geq 3$ with initial conditions $N_0=0$ and $N_1=N_2=1$. In this paper, we study $b$-repdigits which are sums of two Narayana numbers... We explicitly determine these numbers for the bases $2\le b\leq100$ as an illustration. We also obtain results on the existence of Mersenne prime numbers, 10-repdigits, and numbers with distinct blocks of digits in the Narayana sequence. The proof of our main theorem uses lower bounds for linear forms in logarithms and a version of the Baker-Davenport reduction method in Diophantine approximation. read more

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Number Theory