Remarks on GJMS operator of order six

13 Jan 2017  ·  Chen Xuezhang, Hou Fei ·

We study analysis aspects of the sixth order GJMS operator $P_g^6$. Under conformal normal coordinates around a point, the expansions of Green's function of $P_g^6$ with pole at this point are presented... As a starting point of the study of $P_g^6$, we manage to give some existence results of prescribed $Q$-curvature problem on Einstein manifolds. One among them is that for $n \geq 10$, let $(M^n,g)$ be a closed Einstein manifold of positive scalar curvature and $f$ a smooth positive function in $M$. If the Weyl tensor is nonzero at a maximum point of $f$ and $f$ satisfies a vanishing order condition at this maximum point, then there exists a conformal metric $\tilde g$ of $g$ such that its $Q$-curvature $Q_{\tilde g}^6$ equals $f$. read more

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Differential Geometry Analysis of PDEs