On Order Ideals of Minuscule Posets III: The CDE Property

27 Jul 2016  ·  Rush David B ·

Recent work of Hopkins establishes that the lattice of order ideals of a minuscule poset satisfies the coincidental down-degree expectations property of Reiner, Tenner, and Yong. His approach appeals to the classification of minuscule posets... A uniform proof is presented herein. The blueprint follows that of Rush and Wang in their uniform proof that various cardinality statistics are homomesic on orbits of order ideals of minuscule posets under the Fon-Der-Flaass action. The underpinning remains the original insight of Rush and Shi into the structure of the isomorphism between the weight lattice of a minuscule representation of a complex simple Lie algebra and the lattice of order ideals of the corresponding minuscule poset. read more

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