Nonnegative solutions of an indefinite sublinear Robin problem II: local and global exactness results

25 Jan 2020 Kaufmann Uriel Quoirin Humberto Ramos Umezu Kenichiro

We go further in the investigation of the Robin problem $(P_{\alpha})$: $-\Delta u=a(x)u^{q}$ in $\Omega$, $u\geq0$ in $\Omega$, $\partial_{\nu}u=\alpha u$ on $\partial \Omega$; on a bounded domain $\Omega\subset\mathbb{R}^{N}$, with $a$ sign-changing and $0<q<1$. Assuming the existence of a positive solution for $\alpha=0$ (which holds if $q$ is close enough to 1), we sharpen the description of the nontrivial solution set of $(P_{\alpha})$ for $\alpha>0$... (read more)

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