New upper bounds for the crossing numbers of crossing-critical graphs

14 Mar 2020 Ding Zongpeng Ouyang Zhangdong Huang Yuanqiu Dong Fengming

A graph $G$ is {$k$-crossing-critical} if $cr(G)\ge k$, but $cr(G\setminus e)<k$ for each edge $e\in E(G)$, where $cr(G)$ is the crossing number of $G$. It is known that for any $k$-crossing-critical graph $G$, $cr(G)\le 2.5k+16$ holds, and in particular, if $\delta(G)\ge 4$, then $cr(G)\le 2k+35$ holds, where $\delta(G)$ is the minimum degree of $G$... (read more)

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