Frame Soft Shrinkage as Proximity Operator

16 Oct 2019 Hassanasab Marzieh Neumayer Sebastian Plonka Gerlind Setzer Simon Steidl Gabriele Geppert Jakob Alexander

Let $\mathcal H$ and $\mathcal K$ be real Hilbert spaces and $T \in \mathcal{B} (\mathcal H,\mathcal K)$ an injective operator with closed range and Moore-Penrose inverse $T^\dagger$. Based on the well-known characterization of proximity operators by Moreau, we prove that for any proximity operator $\text{Prox} \colon \mathcal K \to \mathcal K$ the operator $T^\dagger \, \text{Prox} \, T$ is a proximity operator on the linear space $\mathcal H$ equipped with a suitable norm... (read more)

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