Exact completion and constructive theories of sets

29 Oct 2017  ·  Jacopo Emmenegger, Erik Palmgren ·

In the present paper we use the theory of exact completions to study categorical properties of small setoids in Martin-L\"of type theory and, more generally, of models of the Constructive Elementary Theory of the Category of Sets, in terms of properties of their subcategories of choice objects (i.e. objects satisfying the axiom of choice). Because of these intended applications, we deal with categories that lack equalisers and just have weak ones, but whose objects can be regarded as collections of global elements... In this context, we study the internal logic of the categories involved, and employ this analysis to give a sufficient condition for the local cartesian closure of an exact completion. Finally, we apply this result to show when an exact completion produces a model of CETCS. read more

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Logic Category Theory 03B15, 18B05, 18D15, 03F55, 03G30, 18A35