Derived intersections and the Hodge theorem

10 Feb 2016  ·  Arinkin Dima, Caldararu Andrei, Hablicsek Marton ·

The algebraic Hodge theorem was proved in a beautiful 1987 paper by Deligne and Illusie, using positive characteristic methods. We argue that the central algebraic object of their proof can be understood geometrically as a line bundle on a derived scheme... In this interpretation, the Deligne-Illusie result can be seen as a proof that this line bundle is trivial under certain assumptions. We give a criterion for the triviality of this line bundle in a more general context. The proof uses techniques from derived algebraic geometry, specifically arguments which show the formality of certain derived intersections. Applying our criterion we recover Deligne and Illusie's original result. We also apply these techniques to the result of Barannikov-Kontsevich, Sabbah, and Ogus-Vologodsky concerning the formality of the twisted de Rham complex. read more

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Algebraic Geometry