Computation of residual polynomial operators of inductive valuations

30 Apr 2020  ·  de Oliveira Nathália Moraes, Nart Enric ·

Let $(K,v)$ be a valued field, and $\mu$ an inductive valuation on $K[x]$ extending $v$. Let $G_\mu$ be the graded algebra of $\mu$ over $K[x]$, and $\kappa$ the maximal subfield of the subring of $G_\mu$ formed by the homogeneous elements of degree zero... In this paper, we find an algorithm to compute the field $\kappa$ and the residual polynomial operator $R_\mu : K[x]\to\kappa[y]$, where $y$ is another indeterminate, without any need to perform computations in the graded algebra. This leads to an OM algorithm to compute the factorization of separable defectless polynomials over henselian fields. read more

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Algebraic Geometry Number Theory