Bounded affine permutations II. Avoidance of decreasing patterns

14 Aug 2020  ·  Madras Neal, Troyka Justin M. ·

We continue our study of a new boundedness condition for affine permutations, motivated by the fruitful concept of periodic boundary conditions in statistical physics. We focus on bounded affine permutations of size $N$ that avoid the monotone decreasing pattern of fixed size $m$... We prove that the number of such permutations is asymptotically equal to $(m-1)^{2N} N^{(m-2)/2}$ times an explicit constant as $N\to\infty$. For instance, the number of bounded affine permutations of size $N$ that avoid $321$ is asymptotically equal to $4^N (N/4\pi)^{1/2}$. We also prove a permuton-like result for the scaling limit of random permutations from this class, showing that the plot of a typical bounded affine permutation avoiding $m\cdots1$ looks like $m-1$ random lines of slope $1$ whose $y$ intercepts sum to $0$. read more

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