Betti table Stabilization of Homogeneous Monomial Ideals

12 Dec 2017  ·  Slobodin Aaron ·

Given an homogeneous monomial ideal $I$, we provide a question- and example-based investigation of the stabilization patterns of the Betti tables shapes of $I^d$ as we vary $d$. We build off Whieldon's definition of the stabilization index of $I$, Stab$(I)$, to define the stabilization sequence of $I$, StabSeq$(I)$, and use it to explore changes in the shapes of the Betti tables of $I^d$ as we vary $d$... We also present the stabilization indices and sequences of the collection of ideals $\{I_{n}\}$ where $I_{n}=(a^{2n}b^{2n}c^{2n},b^{4n}c^{2n},a^{3n}c^{3n},a^{6n-1}b)\subseteq \Bbbk[a,b,c]$. read more

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Commutative Algebra