Unifying nonlinearly constrained nonconvex optimization

19 Jun 2024  ·  Charlie Vanaret, Sven Leyffer ·

Derivative-based iterative methods for nonlinearly constrained nonconvex optimization usually share common algorithmic components, such as strategies for computing a descent direction and mechanisms that promote global convergence. Based on this observation, we introduce an abstract framework based on four common ingredients that describes most derivative-based iterative methods and unifies their workflows. We then present Uno, a modular C++ solver that implements our abstract framework and allows the automatic generation of various strategy combinations with no programming effort from the user. Uno is meant to (1) organize mathematical optimization strategies into a coherent hierarchy; (2) offer a wide range of efficient and robust methods that can be compared for a given instance; (3) enable researchers to experiment with novel optimization strategies; and (4) reduce the cost of development and maintenance of multiple optimization solvers. Uno's software design allows user to compose new customized solvers for emerging optimization areas such as robust optimization or optimization problems with complementarity constraints, while building on reliable nonlinear optimization techniques. We demonstrate that Uno is highly competitive against state-of-the-art solvers filterSQP, IPOPT, SNOPT, MINOS, LANCELOT, LOQO, and CONOPT on a subset of 429 small problems from the CUTEst collection. Uno is available as open-source software under the MIT license at https://github.com/cvanaret/Uno .

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Optimization and Control 49M15, 65K05, 90C30, 90C51, 90C55