Twists and shear maps in nonlinear elasticity: explicit solutions and vanishing Jacobians

30 Jul 2016  ·  Bevan Jonathan J., Kabisch Sandra ·

In this paper we study constrained variational problems that are principally motivated by nonlinear elasticity theory. We examine in particular the relationship between the positivity of the Jacobian $\det \nabla u$ and the uniqueness and regularity of energy minimizers $u$ that are either twist maps or shear maps... We exhibit \emph{explicit} twist maps, defined on two-dimensional annuli, that are stationary points of an appropriate energy functional and whose Jacobian vanishes on a set of positive measure in the annulus. Within the class of shear maps we precisely characterize the unique global energy minimizer $u_{\sigma}: \Omega\to \mathbb{R}^2$ in a model, two-dimensional case. The shear map minimizer has the properties that (i) $\det \nabla u_{\sigma}$ is strictly positive on one part of the domain $\Omega$, (ii) $\det \nabla u_{\sigma} = 0$ necessarily holds on the rest of $\Omega$, and (iii) properties (i) and (ii) combine to ensure that $\nabla u_{\sigma}$ is not continuous on the whole domain. read more

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Analysis of PDEs