Topological Optimal Transport for Geometric Cycle Matching

28 Mar 2024  ·  Stephen Y Zhang, Michael P H Stumpf, Tom Needham, Agnese Barbensi ·

Topological data analysis is a powerful tool for describing topological signatures in real world data. An important challenge in topological data analysis is matching significant topological signals across distinct systems. In geometry and probability theory, optimal transport formalises notions of distance and matchings between distributions and structured objects. We propose to combine these approaches, constructing a mathematical framework for optimal transport-based matchings of topological features. Building upon recent advances in the domains of persistent homology and optimal transport for hypergraphs, we develop a transport-based methodology for topological data processing. We define measure topological networks, which integrate both geometric and topological information about a system, introduce a distance on the space of these objects, and study its metric properties, showing that it induces a geodesic metric space of non-negative curvature. The resulting Topological Optimal Transport (TpOT) framework provides a transport model on point clouds that minimises topological distortion while simultaneously yielding a geometrically informed matching between persistent homology cycles.

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Algebraic Topology Computational Geometry Metric Geometry 55N31, 62R40, 49Q15, 49Q22, 05C65