The smooth locus in infinite-level Rapoport-Zink spaces

22 Jan 2020  ·  Ivanov Alexander B., Weinstein Jared ·

Rapoport-Zink spaces are deformation spaces for $p$-divisible groups with additional structure. At infinite level, they become preperfectoid spaces... Let $\mathscr{M}_{\infty}$ be an infinite-level Rapoport-Zink space of EL type, and let $\mathscr{M}_{\infty}^\circ$ be one geometrically connected component of it. We show that $\mathscr{M}_{\infty}^{\circ}$ contains a dense open subset which is cohomologically smooth in the sense of Scholze. This is the locus of $p$-divisible groups which do not have any extra endomorphisms. As a corollary, we find that the cohomologically smooth locus in the infinite-level modular curve $X(p^\infty)^{\circ}$ is exactly the locus of elliptic curves $E$ with supersingular reduction, such that the formal group of $E$ has no extra endomorphisms. read more

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Number Theory Algebraic Geometry