Surface subgroups on 1-vertex and 3-vertex polyhedra forming triangular hyperbolic buildings

17 Jul 2015  ·  Kangaslampi Riikka ·

In this article we study surface subgroups of groups acting simply transitively on vertex sets of certain hyperbolic triangular buildings. Kangaslampi and Vdovina have constructed and classified all groups acting simply transitively on the vertices of hyperbolic triangular buildings of the smallest non-trivial thickness... These groups gave the first examples of cocompact lattices acting simply transitively on vertices of hyperbolic triangular Kac-Moody buildings that are not right-angled. The hyperbolic buildings arise as universal covers of polyhedra glued together from with 15 triangular faces with words written on the boundary. Later they proved, that most of the obtained 23 torsion free groups do not admit periodic planes of genus 2. Here we take another approach to study surface subgroups of these groups. Namely, we consider first 2-cycles in the 1-vertex polyhedron defined by the triangles, then in the 3-vertex cover of this polyhedron. As a result we find surface subgroups in three of the 23 torsion free groups. read more

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Group Theory Combinatorics