Some identities of special numbers and polynomials arising from p$-adic integrals on Zp

11 Mar 2019  ·  Kim Dae San, Kim Han Young, Pyo Sung-Soo, Kim Taekyun ·

In recent years, studying degenerate versions of various special polynomials and numbers have attracted many mathematicians. Here we introduce degenerate type 2 Bernoulli polynomials, fully degenerate type 2 Bernoulli polynomials and degenerate type 2 Euler polynomials, and their corresponding numbers, as degenerate and type 2 versions of Bernoulli and Euler numbers... Regarding to those polynomials and numbers, we derive some identities, distribution relations, Witt type formulas and analogues for the Bernoulli's interpretation of powers of the first $m$ positive integers in terms of Bernoulli polynomials. The present study was done by using the bosonic and fermionic $p$-adic integrals on $\mathbb{Z}_p$. read more

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Number Theory