Simutaneously vanishing higher derived limits without large cardinals

12 Feb 2021 Jeffrey Bergfalk Michael Hrušák Chris Lambie-Hanson

A question dating to Sibe Marde\v{s}i\'{c} and Andrei Prasolov's 1988 work Strong homology is not additive, and motivating a considerable amount of set theoretic work in the ensuing years, is that of whether it is consistent with the ZFC axioms for the higher derived limits $\mathrm{lim}^n$ $(n>0)$ of a certain inverse system $\mathbf{A}$ indexed by ${^\omega}\omega$ to simultaneously vanish. An equivalent formulation of this question is that of whether it is consistent for all $n$-coherent families of functions indexed by ${^\omega}\omega$ to be trivial... (read more)

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  • 03E35, 03E75, 18E25, 55N07