Semi-classical quantum maps of semi-hyperbolic type

12 Jul 2019  ·  Louati Hanen CPT, Rouleux Michel CPT ·

Let M = R n or possibly a Riemannian, non compact manifold. We consider semi-excited resonances for a h-differential operator H(x, hD x ; h) on L 2 (M) induced by a non-degenerate periodic orbit $\gamma$ 0 of semi-hyperbolic type, which is contained in the non critical energy surface {H 0 = 0}... By semi-hyperbolic, we mean that the linearized Poincar{\'e} map dP 0 associated with $\gamma$ 0 has at least one eigenvalue of modulus greater (or less) than 1, and one eigenvalue of modulus equal to 1, and by non-degenerate that 1 is not an eigenvalue, which implies a family $\gamma$(E) with the same properties. It is known that an infinite number of periodic orbits generally cluster near $\gamma$ 0 , with periods approximately multiples of its primitive period. We construct the monodromy and Grushin operator, adapting some arguments by [NoSjZw], [SjZw], and compare with those obtained in [LouRo], which ignore the additional orbits near $\gamma$ 0 , but still give the right quantization rule for the family $\gamma$(E). read more

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Analysis of PDEs