Second Order Optimality Conditions for Optimal Control Problems of Stochastic Evolution Equations

18 Nov 2018  ·  Qi Lu, Haisen Zhang, Xu Zhang ·

In this paper, we establish some second order necessary/sufficient optimality conditions for optimal control problems of stochastic evolution equations in infinite dimensions. The control acts on both the drift and diffusion terms and the control region is convex. The concepts of relaxed and $V$-transposition solutions (introduced in our previous works) to operator-valued backward stochastic evolution equations are employed to derive these optimality conditions. The correction part of the second order adjoint equation, which does not appear in the (first order) Pontryagin-type stochastic maximum principle, plays a fundamental role in our second order optimality conditions.

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Optimization and Control Primary 93E20, Secondary, 60H07, 60H15