Second-order optimality conditions and Lagrange multiplier characterizations of the solution set in quasiconvex programming

24 Sep 2018  ·  Ivanov Vsevolod I. ·

Second-order optimality conditions for vector nonlinear programming problems with inequality constraints are studied in this paper. We introduce a new second-order constraint qualification, which includes Mangasarian-Fromovitz constraint qualification as a particular case... We obtain necessary and sufficient conditions for weak efficiency of problems with a second-order pseudoconvex vector objective function and quasiconvex constraints. We also derive Lagrange multiplier characterizations of the solution set of a scalar problem with a second-order pseudoconvex objective function and quasiconvex inequality constraints, provided that one of the solutions and the Lagrange multipliers in the Karush-Kuhn-Tucker conditions are known. At last, we introduce a notion of a second-order KKT-pseudoconvex problem with inequality constraints. We derive sufficient and also necessary conditions for efficiency of second-order KKT-pseudoconvex problems. Three examples are presented. read more

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Optimization and Control