Second-order cone representable slices of the positive semidefinite cone of size three

19 Sep 2019  ·  Averkov Gennadiy ·

To demonstrate the discrepancy between second-order cone and semidefinite programming, Hamza Fawzi showed that the cone S_+^3 of symmetric positive semidefinite matrices of size 3 is not second-order cone representable (socr). A slice of S_+^3 is intersection of S_+^3 and a linear sub-space of the space S^3 of 3 \times 3 symmetric matrices... It is known that some slices of S_+^3 are socr, while some others are not. We classify socr slices of S_+^3 by showing that a slice of S_+^3 is socr if and if it has dimension at most 4 or is orthogonal to a non-zero singular matrix (where the orthogonality is considered with respect to the standard trace scalar product). read more

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