$s$-homogeneous algebras via $s$-homogeneous triples

29 Nov 2017  ·  Marcos Eduardo do Nascimento, Volkov Yury ·

To study $s$-homogeneous algebras, we introduce the category of quivers with $s$-homogeneous corelations and the category of $s$-homogeneous triples. We show that both of these categories are equivalent to the category of $s$-homogeneous algebras... We prove some properties of the elements of $s$-homogeneous triples and give some consequences for $s$-Koszul algebras. Then we discuss the relations between the $s$-Koszulity and the Hilbert series of $s$-homogeneous triples. We give some application of the obtained results to $s$-homogeneous algebras with simple zero component. We describe all $s$-Koszul algebras with one relation recovering the result of Berger and all $s$-Koszul algebras with one dimensional $s$-th component. We show that if the $s$-th Veronese ring of an $s$-homogeneous algebra has two generators, then it has at least two relations. Finally, we classify all $s$-homogeneous algebras with $s$-th Veronese rings ${\bf k}\langle x,y\rangle/(xy,yx)$ and ${\bf k}\langle x,y\rangle/(x^2,y^2)$. In particular, we show that all of these algebras are not $s$-Koszul while their $s$-homogeneous duals are $s$-Koszul. read more

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K-Theory and Homology Representation Theory