ROmodel: Modeling robust optimization problems in Pyomo

18 May 2021  ·  Johannes Wiebe, Ruth Misener ·

This paper introduces ROmodel, an open source Python package extending the modeling capabilities of the algebraic modeling language Pyomo to robust optimization problems. ROmodel helps practitioners transition from deterministic to robust optimization through modeling objects which allow formulating robust models in close analogy to their mathematical formulation. ROmodel contains a library of commonly used uncertainty sets which can be generated using their matrix representations, but it also allows users to define custom uncertainty sets using Pyomo constraints. ROmodel supports adjustable variables via linear decision rules. The resulting models can be solved using ROmodels solvers which implement both the robust reformulation and cutting plane approach. ROmodel is a platform to implement and compare custom uncertainty sets and reformulations. We demonstrate ROmodel's capabilities by applying it to six case studies. We implement custom uncertainty sets based on (warped) Gaussian processes to show how ROmodel can integrate data-driven models with optimization.

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