Rigidification and the Coherent Nerve for Enriched Quasicategories

29 Sep 2019  ·  Gindi Harry ·

We introduce, for \(\C\) a regular Cartesian Reedy category a model category whose fibrant objects are an analogue of quasicategories enriched in simplicial presheaves on \(C\). We then develop a coherent realization and nerve for this model structure and demonstrate using an enriched version of the necklaces of Dugger and Spivak that our model category is Quillen-equivalent to the category of categories enriched in simplicial presheaves on \(\C\)... We then show that for any Cartesian-closed left-Bousfield localization of the category of simplicial presheaves on \(\C\), the coherent nerve and realization descend to a Quillen equivalence on the localizations of these model categories. As an application, we demonstrate a version of Yoneda's lemma for these enriched quasicategories. read more

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Category Theory Algebraic Topology