Restriction of Eisenstein series and Stark-Heegner points

27 Feb 2020 Hsieh Ming-Lun Yamana Shunsuke

In a recent work of Darmon, Pozzi and Vonk, the authors consider a particular $p$-adic family of Hilbert Eisenstein series $E_k(1,\brch)$ associated with an odd character $\brch$ of the narrow ideal class group of a real quadratic field $F$ and compute the first derivative of a certain one-variable twisted triple product $p$-adic $L$-series attached to $E_k(1,\brch)$ and an elliptic newform $f$ of weight $2$ on $\Gamma_0(p)$. In this paper, we generalize their construction to include the cyclotomic variable and thus obtain a two-variable twisted triple product $p$-adic $L$-series... (read more)

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