Relative entropy and the Pinsker product formula for sofic groups

5 May 2016  ·  Ben Hayes ·

We continue our study of the outer Pinsker factor for probability measure-preserving actions of sofic groups. Using the notion of doubly quenched convergence developed by Austin, we prove that in many cases the outer Pinsker factor of a product action is the product of the outer Pinsker factors... Our results are parallel to those of Seward for Rohklin entropy. We use these Pinsker products formulas to show that for many actions of a sofic group G on X where X is a compact group and the action is by automorphism, the (measurable) outer Pinsker factor of the action of G on X is given as a quotient by a G-invariant, closed, normal subgroup. We use our results to show that if G is sofic and f in M_{n}(Z(G)) is invertible as a convolution operator, then the action of G on the Pontryagin dual of \Z(G)^{\oplus n}/\Z(G)^{\oplus n}f has completely positive measure-theoretic entropy with respect to the Haar measure. This last application requires our previous work connecting topological entropy in the presence as defined by Li-Liang to measure-theoretic entropy in the presence (implicitly defined by Kerr) for actions on compact groups. In particular, we need our previous formulation of measure-theoretic entropy in the presence in terms of a given topological model. read more

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