Postprocessing of Non-Conservative Flux for Compatibility with Transport in Heterogeneous Media

21 Nov 2016  ·  Odsæter Lars H., Wheeler Mary F., Kvamsdal Trond, Larson Mats G. ·

A conservative flux postprocessing algorithm is presented for both steady-state and dynamic flow models. The postprocessed flux is shown to have the same convergence order as the original flux... An arbitrary flux approximation is projected into a conservative subspace by adding a piecewise constant correction that is minimized in a weighted $L^2$ norm. The application of a weighted norm appears to yield better results for heterogeneous media than the standard $L^2$ norm which has been considered in earlier works. We also study the effect of different flux calculations on the domain boundary. In particular we consider the continuous Galerkin finite element method for solving Darcy flow and couple it with a discontinuous Galerkin finite element method for an advective transport problem. read more

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Numerical Analysis