Optimal matroid bases with intersection constraints: Valuated matroids, M-convex functions, and their applications

12 Oct 2020 Iwamasa Yuni Takazawa Kenjiro

For two matroids $M_1$ and $M_2$ with the same ground set $V$ and two cost functions $w_1$ and $w_2$ on $2^V$, we consider the problem of finding bases $X_1$ of $M_1$ and $X_2$ of $M_2$ minimizing $w_1(X_1)+w_2(X_2)$ subject to a certain cardinality constraint on their intersection $X_1 \cap X_2$. For this problem, Lendl, Peis, and Timmermans (2019) discussed modular cost functions: they reduced the problem to weighted matroid intersection for the case where the cardinality constraint is $|X_1 \cap X_2|\le k$ or $|X_1 \cap X_2|\ge k$; and designed a new primal-dual algorithm for the case where the constraint is $|X_1 \cap X_2|=k$... (read more)

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