One-Step $G$-Unimprovable Numbers

30 Oct 2018  ·  Kalyabin Gennadiy ·

The infinitude is established of the set ${\bf U_1}$ of positive integers $N>5$ such that $G(N)\le \min(G(N/q), G(Np))$ where $q, p$ are primes, $q\ | N$ and $G(N):=\frac{\sigma(N)}{N\log \log N}$ stands for Gronwall number, $\sigma(N)$ being the sum of all divisors of $N$. The constructive algorithm is proposed which successively calculates the elements of ${\bf U_1}$, the least of them $N_1^*=2^5\cdot 3^3 \cdot 5^2 \cdot 7 \cdot 11 \cdot 13 \cdot 17 \cdot 19 \cdot 23 =160\ 626\ 866\ 400, \ G(N_1^*)=1.7374\dots$ Some interesting properties of these numbers are studied which may occur useful for the proof of Ramanujan-Robin inequality...

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Number Theory