On the well-posedness and asymptotic behavior of the generalized KdV-Burgers equation

27 Sep 2015  ·  Gallego Fernando Andrés, Pazoto Ademir Fernando ·

In this paper we are concerned with the well-posedness and the exponential stabilization of the generalized Korteweg-de Vries Burgers equation, posed on the whole real line, under the effect of a damping term. Both problems are investigated when the exponent p in the nonlinear term ranges over the interval $[1,5)$... We first prove the global well-posedness in $H^s(R)$, for $0 \leq s \leq 3$ and $1 \leq p < 2$, and in $H^3(R)$, when $p \geq 2$. For $2 \leq p < 5$, we prove the existence of global solutions in the $L^2$-setting. Then, by using multiplier techniques combined with interpolation theory, the exponential stabilization is obtained for a indefinite damping term and $1 \leq p < 2$. Under the effect of a localized damping term the result is obtained when $2 \leq p < 5$. Combining multiplier techniques and compactness arguments it is shown that the problem of exponential decay is reduced to prove the unique continuation property of weak solutions read more

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Analysis of PDEs