On the weighted safe set problem on paths and cycles

30 May 2018 Fujita Shinya Jensen Tommy Park Boram Sakuma Tadashi

Let $G$ be a graph, and let $w: V(G) \to \mathbb{R}$ be a weight function on the vertices of $G$. For every subset $X$ of $V(G)$, let $w(X)=\sum_{v \in X} w(v).$ A non-empty subset $S \subset V(G)$ is a weighted safe set of $(G,w)$ if, for every component $C$ of the subgraph induced by $S$ and every component $D$ of $G-S$, we have $w(C) \geq w(D)$ whenever there is an edge between $C$ and $D$... (read more)

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