On the number of subproblem iterations per coupling step in partitioned fluid-structure interaction simulations

15 Mar 2023  ·  Thomas Spenke, Nicolas Delaissé, Joris Degroote, Norbert Hosters ·

In literature, the cost of a partitioned fluid-structure interaction scheme is typically assessed by the number of coupling iterations required per time step, while ignoring the internal iterations within the nonlinear subproblems. In this work, we demonstrate that these internal iterations have a significant influence on the computational cost of the coupled simulation. Particular attention is paid to how limiting the number of iterations within each solver call can shorten the overall run time, as it avoids polishing the subproblem solution using unconverged coupling data. Based on systematic parameter studies, we investigate the optimal number of subproblem iterations per coupling step. Lastly, this work proposes a new convergence criterion for coupled systems that is based on the residuals of the subproblems and therefore does not require any additional convergence tolerance for the coupling loop.

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