On mixed Hodge-Riemann relations for translation-invariant valuations and Aleksandrov-Fenchel inequalities

20 Nov 2020  ·  Jan Kotrbatý, Thomas Wannerer ·

A version of the Hodge-Riemann relations for valuations was recently conjectured and proved in several special cases by the first-named author. The Lefschetz operator considered there arises as either the product or the convolution with the mixed volume of several Euclidean balls... Here we prove that in (co-)degree one the Hodge-Riemann relations persist if the balls are replaced by several different (centrally symmetric) convex bodies with smooth boundary with positive Gauss curvature. While these mixed Hodge-Riemann relations for the convolution directly imply the Aleksandrov-Fenchel inequality, they yield for the dual operation of the product a new inequality. This new inequality strengthens classical consequences of the Aleksandrov-Fenchel inequality for lower dimensional convex bodies and generalizes some of the geometric inequalities recently discovered by S. Alesker read more

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Metric Geometry Differential Geometry