On Bias and Rank

17 Aug 2018  ·  Kazhdan David, Schlank Tomer M. ·

Given a hypersurface $X\subset \mathbb{P}^{N+1}_{\mathbb{C}}$ Dimca gave a proof showing that the cohomologies of X are the same as the projective space in a range determined by the dimension of the singular locus of X. We prove the analog of Dimca's result case when $\mathbb{C}$ is replaced with an algebraically closed field of finite characteristic and singular cohomology is replaced with $\ell$-adic \'etale cohomology. The Weil conjectures allow relating results about \'eatle cohomology to counting problems over a finite field. Thus by applying this result, we are able to get a relationship between the algebraic properties of certain polynomials and the size of their zero set.

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Algebraic Geometry Combinatorics