On a class of translation-invariant spaces of quasianalytic ultradistributions

26 May 2015  ·  Dimovski Pavel, Prangoski Bojan, Vindas Jasson ·

A class of translation-invariant Banach spaces of quasianalytic ultradistributions is introduced and studied. They are Banach modules over a Beurling algebra... Based on this class of Banach spaces, we define corresponding test function spaces $\mathcal{D}^*_E$ and their strong duals $\mathcal{D}'^*_{E'_{\ast}}$ of quasianalytic type, and study convolution and multiplicative products on $\mathcal{D}'^*_{E'_{\ast}}$. These new spaces generalize previous works about translation-invariant spaces of tempered (non-quasianalytic ultra-) distributions; in particular, our new considerations apply to the settings of Fourier hyperfunctions and ultrahyperfunctions. New weighted $\mathcal{D}'^{\ast}_{L^{p}_{\eta}}$ spaces of quasianalytic ultradistributions are analyzed. read more

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Functional Analysis