Nontrivial effective lower bounds for the least common multiple of some quadratic sequences

10 Jan 2020 Bousla Sid Ali Farhi Bakir

This paper is devoted to studying the numbers $L_{c,m,n} := \mathrm{lcm}\{m^2+c ,(m+1)^2+c , \dots , n^2+c\}$, where $c,m,n$ are positive integers such that $m \leq n$. Precisely, we prove that $L_{c,m,n}$ is a multiple of the rational number \[\frac{\displaystyle\prod_{k=m}^{n}\left(k^2+c\right)}{c \cdot (n-m)!\displaystyle\prod_{k=1}^{n-m}\left(k^2+4c\right)} ,\] and we derive (as consequences) some nontrivial lower bounds for $L_{c,m,n}$... (read more)

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