Multi-Tubal Rank of Third Order Tensor and Related Low Rank Tensor Completion Problem

9 Dec 2020  ·  Quan Yu, Xinzhen Zhang, Zheng-Hai Huang ·

Recently, a tensor factorization based method for a low tubal rank tensor completion problem of a third order tensor was proposed, which performed better than some existing methods. Tubal rank is only defined on one mode of third order tensor without low rank structure in the other two modes... That is, low rank structures on the other two modes are missing. Motivated by this, we first introduce multi-tubal rank, and then establish a relationship between multi-tubal rank and Tucker rank. Based on the multi-tubal rank, we propose a novel low rank tensor completion model. For this model, a tensor factorization based method is applied and the corresponding convergence anlysis is established. In addition, spatio-temporal characteristics are intrinsic features in video and internet traffic tensor data. To get better performance, we make full use of such features and improve the established tensor completion model. Then we apply tensor factorization based method for the improved model. Finally, numerical results are reported on the completion of image, video and internet traffic data to show the efficiency of our proposed methods. From the reported numerical results, we can assert that our methods outperform the existing methods. read more

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