Majorized Semi-proximal Alternating Coordinate Method for Nonsmooth Convex-Concave Minimax Optimization

21 Dec 2020  ·  Yu-Hong Dai, Jiani Wang, Liwei Zhang ·

Minimax optimization problems are an important class of optimization problems arising from modern machine learning and traditional research areas. While there have been many numerical algorithms for solving smooth convex-concave minimax problems, numerical algorithms for nonsmooth convex-concave minimax problems are very rare... This paper aims to develop an efficient numerical algorithm for a structured nonsmooth convex-concave minimax problem. A majorized semi-proximal alternating coordinate method (mspACM) is proposed, in which a majorized quadratic convex-concave function is adopted for approximating the smooth part of the objective function and semi-proximal terms are added in each subproblem. This construction enables the subproblems at each iteration are solvable and even easily solved when the semiproximal terms are cleverly chosen. We prove the global convergence of the algorithm mspACM under mild assumptions, without requiring strong convexity-concavity condition. Under the locally metrical subregularity of the solution mapping, we prove that the algorithm mspACM has the linear rate of convergence. Preliminary numerical results are reported to verify the efficiency of the algorithm mspACM. read more

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Optimization and Control 90C30