Lower bound theorems for general polytopes

16 Jan 2019  ·  Pineda-Villavicencio Guillermo, Ugon Julien, Yost David ·

For a $d$-dimensional polytope with $v$ vertices, $d+1\le v\le2d$, we calculate precisely the minimum possible number of $m$-dimensional faces, when $m=1$ or $m\ge0.62d$. This confirms a conjecture of Gr\"unbaum, for these values of $m$... For $v=2d+1$, we solve the same problem when $m=1$ or $d-2$; the solution was already known for $m= d-1$. In all these cases, we give a characterisation of the minimising polytopes. We also show that there are many gaps in the possible number of $m$-faces: for example, there is no polytope with 80 edges in dimension 10, and a polytope with 407 edges can have dimension at most 23. read more

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